Salon Se Swa
You can now purchase a license to operate your own Salon Se Swa location with protected areas and exclusive rights to sell Salon Se Swa products. Katrise offers individual meetings in addition to classes on this opportunity.

Katrise and her experienced Team offer a wide range of turnkey products and services that are customized to create and/or expand your own business, project or venture and to create an easy to recognize brand for yourself.

Katrise understands the entertainment and fashion industries and has intimate knowledge on how to enter these industries and become successful. Katrise and her Team offers customized solutions to accomplish your specific goals. In addition Katrise specializes in relationship building, coaching and product and service introduction.

Katrise is known as a business, motivational and professional speaker on a wide range of subjects having to do with women in the business world, the entertainment and fashion industries and branding.

Interior Design
Katrise is passionate about interior designer and she has been engaged for her vision and talents in this area. From estate acquisitions and power buying to custom furniture and décor selection Katrise has established a wide range of contacts in the interior design industry that makes her an asset to your project.