Photos of Katrise Jones

I wanted to share some new photos with those who follow my blog!



If you are in a city where I have a salon located I encourage you to stop by and say hello!


As some of you already know I am selling Licensing Agreements to my Salon Se Swa brand so you can own and operate your very own Salon Se Swa location!

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Please contact me anytime!


Katrise Marie Jones – Salon Se Swa and more…

Click this flyer below to visit the Salon Se Swa website!


Salon Se Swa is selling protected areas under a Licensing Agreement allowing you to open and operate your own Salon Se Swa location and capitalize off our house-hold recognized brand!

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I am also working to brand myself in many other ways!

P: 704-557-6600
E: or

Katrise Marie Jones is Licensing Salon Se Swa

Now you can own your own Salon Se Swa by licensing one from Katrise Marie Jones, the owner of the successful chain of salons and spas!


On the page of this site titled; Salon Se Swa – you can find more information and see our video also featured below!

Salon Se Swa is just one of the businesses owned by Katrise Marie Jones and this sites gives you a great snap shot into what Katrise and her Team offers!